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Ocean Rocks aDiva’s Jaden Couture Fall Fashion 2010

It’s Fall, which means a chill in the air, sweaters, golden leaves and school. Or does it? Wearing this outfit from aDiva’s Fall Collection may get you noticed at school, but in an Ohhhh so bad way! Sure to turn heads in this little number, a mix between naughty and nice. I loooove the stockings with this outfit, a kind of Baby hit me one more time flavor. This ensemble is paired up with Coco’s zipperboots, a scrumptious braided hair from Truth named Saffron, and since I couldn’t find Allister to carry my books for me, I am using catnips Back to School backpack. Until next time, Rock on!

aDiva, Jaden couture
Truth, Saffron in sand
*Coco* zipperboots in black


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aDiva couture Vivien Fashion, Fall Collection 2010

Feeling the chill of the fall season upon me( or I wish I did), I decided to put on this delish little outfit from aDiva Couture, Fall Collection. Vivien lends a french feel with it’s very tailored pant and lace top, with a very fitted cropped jacket to go over it. Until next time, rock on!

aDIVA couture Vivien Fashion Fall Collections 2010 –
Hair, Truth, Nora 2, sand
Shoes, bitch boots from Stiletto Moody

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