~Welcome…to the Real World~

I love this EMO-tions outfit and  it so reminded me of the Matrix.  That movie rocked my world and I was THRILLED to find this pose cube by Bent♥

*Emo-tions* – Nuna Outfit , Anna Hair in Black and Brittney   
Mesh Hair in Blonde

*Modish* – Murra Skin in Tan
*Happy Face* –  Nychi Shape, available on Marketplace
*Tameless* – Lashes 7
 *:[p]:* – Swindler Earrings
*Bent* – Matrix for BENT Pose Box 
*The Matrix Store* – Matrix Sunglasses
*Unsavory Dealings* –  Suspicious Duffle bag and Duty Belt

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Just a thought

Hello metaverse peeps.  I feel compelled to write a little something today as I was informed of some disturbing news.  Disturbing, as it involves an SL skin that I blog regularly.  Just know, that if I accept to blog for you, that I represent you and your designs.  I trust that you truly design your product.  I have learned that one of the skins that I blog is allegedly ripping off skins from not one, but several skin designers in Second Life.  Until this is resolved, I will no longer blog that skin, however, Iwill not delete what I have already done, as I put in hours of work to bring these posts to life.  I am disheartened once again, that honestly and hard work on original designs may be compromised.     I am a true advocate that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and my stance in no way suggests that I feel one way or the other.

Despite this news…Rock on, Peeps!

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~Dog Days of Summer~


*E&O* – Romper  

*+9* – Crocodile Summer Sandal


* MyDear* – Tonia Ebony Skin and Tonia Shape New!

*Discord Designs* –  Athena Hair, Platinum Blonde

*Mock* –  Glitter Pop Makeup, October Rust

*Amacia* – Eyelash tattoo 2

*IKON* – Sunrise Eyes, Bleached Gold Aug Group Gift 2


*Kosh* – Infinity Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings

*Glow Studio* –  Multi Triangle Ring

*Flirt Cosmetics* – Til Death do Us Part tattoo
Photo shoot at Pixel Mode , and The Far Away !

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~Bang, Bang~

Bang, Bang!  My baby shot me down!  As I sometimes listen to music to get my inspiration for my blog, I was listening to this awesome old tune by Nancy Sinatra.  I also wanted to get in some last minute shopping at Fashion Voodoo, as today is the last day.  As those of you who know me, then you know I am a skin whore, and these three skins are to die for. I had a blast styling these fashions while getting an emotional charge from this song. Bang, Bang!


Look on Left

*Reila Skins*- Ultra Low Jeans 2 at Fashion Voodoo

*Cynful* – Lala Shrug in Turqoise

*.SS.* – Blue Pumps

Look in Center

*Sea Hole* – Baroque Britches, Baroque Top, and Baroque Stockings all in Shadowville.   Collabor 88

*GF* – Short Lace Up Boots

Look on Right

*Cynful* – nonamedenims in Pink

*.SS.* – Black Leather Mesh Vest

*Ison* – Miraya Mesh, Available At Collabor 88


Look on Left

*Modish* – Shweeter U Shape

*Atomic* – Grace Buff, Cool Melon.  Available at TDR Blue

*Ikon* – Deep Turquoise Eyes, Aug Group Gift

*Wasabi Pills* – Mesh Skye Hair Rye

Look in Center

*Glam Affair* – Baroque 1, Available at Collabor88

*Happy Face* – Swayze Shape, Available on Marketplace

*kik* – Nina in Ginger

*Ikon* – Deep Turquoise, August Group Gift 2

Look at Right

*Happy Face* – Jaci Shape, Available on Marketplace

*essences* -Indy Skin, Available at TDR Blue

*Mock* – Glitter Pop Eyesshadow,  Group Gift New!

*Ikon* -Deep Turquoise, August Group Gift 2

*Clawtooth* – Pleas and thanks in Coffee, Availabe at  Collabor 88


Look on Left

*Aura* – Knotted Summer Belt

*Apple May* – Eccentric Pencil Necklace

*LaGyo Bizzare* – Flower Headpiece, comes with color Hud

*Leverocchi* – Round Nails in Teal

*JULYs* – I Look Clever Glasses

*ES*  – Rock and Roll Blooms Tattoo, Faded

 Look in Center

*La-Gyo* – Bizarre Flower Ring, Available at Collabor88

Look on Right

*Flaunt* – Kawaii Kitty Sleeves Group Gift

*Rozorgalea* – Gemma Rings and Nails

Other accessories

*Focus Pocus* – Gun Pose 1,2 and 4

 *[AG} *- Baretta  Weapon Box.  The gun is part of a popular Grid-Wide FREE Multi-Player-Online game playable anywhere in the SL Grid. You can read more about the back story and other information about the game at :

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~Fool in the Rain~





*Lou Lou & Co.* – Chikky Pow in Pink at Fashion Voodoo

*dEER* – Mesh Lower Shorts in Pink at Fashion Voodoo

*PAW* – PMS Belt Vendor

* ANYMORE* – Rubber Boots in Tattoo, Available at Fashion Voodoo


*Mojo* – Scarlet  Group Gift August

*Happy Face* – Jaci Shape, Available at Fashion Voodoo

*EMO-tions*-   Windblown, All Blonde styles 95L

*IKON* – Dark Turqoise August Group Gift


*Leverrochi* – Round Nails Pink Gradient

*Wicked Tattoo* – I Love Music Tattoo, Available at  Fashion Voodoo

*Miel* – Spidey in Silver

*Baffle* – My Vintage Umbrella, comes with 10 poses

*Artilleri* – Meredith Glasses in Pink, Available at the Vintage Fair

*Cupcake Sim* – Wonderful sim in SecondLife with Rain!


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~Shaken or Stirred~

I can not get enough of Fashion Voodoo, if you have not been yet, there is still time. Fashion Voodoo runs until August 30.


*Envious* – Self Reliant, Available at Fashion Voodoo

*Ison* – Odessa Yellow Pump

*Redgrave* – Miles Mesh Sneakers in Dark


*Modish* – Skin and Shape, Shweeter U, Fatale.  Available at Fashion Voodoo

*Ikon* – Bleached Gold, Aug Group Gift

*MADD* – Aria in Silver Tone IV with hair base on left and right picure,  Erin in Blonde  on center picture

*Wasabi Pills* – White Shaved hair base with Erin Hair on center picture

*Leverocchi* – Round Nails in Gold Glitter in top center picture

*Mandala* – Takara Nails in Black Diamond


*Lou Lou & Co* – Utopia Star shown in middle top middle picture, Available at Fashion Voodoo

*HOD* – Twisted Spiral Gauge , shown in top center picture

:[P]: – Swindler Earrings Black Leather, Available at Fashion Voodoo, shown in top left and right pictures

*R.icielli*– Yuse Bag Sweet Yellow, shown in top left picture

~plank couture~ es-Le Pauvre Shoulder Sack, shown in top center picture

*Flirt* –  My Mistake Tattoo

*Mandala* – Takara – Bangle/Rock , shown in top right picture

*Kosh* – Ronja Necklace in top center picture

These piercings are from Ivy and are available at Fashion Voodoo.  I love them!  On the left is Katana and Lily is on the right.  Both come with color Huds.


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Ocean ft. *Collabor88 and Voodoo Fashion*

(NO)-Baroque Bustle, available at Collabor 88  
*GF*– Short Lace Up Boots, comes with color hud  
*Happy Face*– Jaci Shape, available at the Fashion Voodoo Event
*Glam Affair* –  Roza Skin BaroQ 2, available at Collabor 88
.ID.-Tortured Eyes in White and  Lip Dot Pack in Gold, comes in a pack of 6 colors 
*Just for you Jewels*– Shhh, I Have a Secret Lip Suture and French Couture Cuffs, both are available at the Fashion Voodoo Event
*Scrub*– Multicolored Zippered Nails comes with Hud, available at the Fashion Voodoo  Event
*LouLou&Co.*– Melopee Tattoo, comes in layers and tattoo available at the Fashion Voodoo Event  
:Hebenon Vial:– Clockwork Collar Burlesque and Skeleton Key Earrings Burlesque, both are available at the Fashion Voodoo Event  
[AB]-Viper Sock Fishnet Stockings
*EMO-tions*– Sunshine Hair in Black, comes with or without pearls
*adorkable*– doll 2 and 3 pose  

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