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Hello metaverse peeps.  I feel compelled to write a little something today as I was informed of some disturbing news.  Disturbing, as it involves an SL skin that I blog regularly.  Just know, that if I accept to blog for you, that I represent you and your designs.  I trust that you truly design your product.  I have learned that one of the skins that I blog is allegedly ripping off skins from not one, but several skin designers in Second Life.  Until this is resolved, I will no longer blog that skin, however, Iwill not delete what I have already done, as I put in hours of work to bring these posts to life.  I am disheartened once again, that honestly and hard work on original designs may be compromised.     I am a true advocate that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and my stance in no way suggests that I feel one way or the other.

Despite this news…Rock on, Peeps!


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