~Shaken or Stirred~

I can not get enough of Fashion Voodoo, if you have not been yet, there is still time. Fashion Voodoo runs until August 30.


*Envious* – Self Reliant, Available at Fashion Voodoo

*Ison* – Odessa Yellow Pump

*Redgrave* – Miles Mesh Sneakers in Dark


*Modish* – Skin and Shape, Shweeter U, Fatale.  Available at Fashion Voodoo

*Ikon* – Bleached Gold, Aug Group Gift

*MADD* – Aria in Silver Tone IV with hair base on left and right picure,  Erin in Blonde  on center picture

*Wasabi Pills* – White Shaved hair base with Erin Hair on center picture

*Leverocchi* – Round Nails in Gold Glitter in top center picture

*Mandala* – Takara Nails in Black Diamond


*Lou Lou & Co* – Utopia Star shown in middle top middle picture, Available at Fashion Voodoo

*HOD* – Twisted Spiral Gauge , shown in top center picture

:[P]: – Swindler Earrings Black Leather, Available at Fashion Voodoo, shown in top left and right pictures

*R.icielli*– Yuse Bag Sweet Yellow, shown in top left picture

~plank couture~ es-Le Pauvre Shoulder Sack, shown in top center picture

*Flirt* –  My Mistake Tattoo

*Mandala* – Takara – Bangle/Rock , shown in top right picture

*Kosh* – Ronja Necklace in top center picture

These piercings are from Ivy and are available at Fashion Voodoo.  I love them!  On the left is Katana and Lily is on the right.  Both come with color Huds.



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