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Ocean ft. *Filthy*

Top-*.:SS:.*  Black and White Striped Hoodie New! Pants-*.:SS:.*  Women’s Mesh Skinny Pants New!
Boots-*.:SS:.*  Black Wool Booties New! 


Skin and Shape-*Filthy*  Alecia,  New!

Hair-*.ploom.*   Akuma with skully bows

Eyes-*Redgrave*  Edward Mesh Eyes in Forks

Polish-*Le Poppycock*   Coquette Polish in Je ne sais quoi, comes in a three pack  –

Lashes-*Maitreya*  Mesh Lashes VIP group gift


Glasses-*Gritty Kitty*   Browline Glasses

Necklace-*Grasp*   Skull Necklace

Belt-*Pepper*   Book Belt from the Private Room Event

Ring-*Utopia*   Musical Notes from the Private Room Event

Poses by *Poppycock*

Windlight Settings by *Strawberry Singh*


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Ocean ft. *Zodiac Event*

Zodiac is a monthly event that runs around the theme of the zodiac signs to bring you some special priced creations from a lot of awesome creators!  The Leo event will run until Aug 17!


Dress-*Miamai*, Amaria_Lion, at the zodiac event, New!  –

Shoes-*Ga*,  Kylie in Gold, comes with cute little tattoos –


Skin-*Candy Doll*, Leona in Caramel, at the Zodiac Event, New! –

Shape-*R.icielli*, Olivia Curves Shape –

Hair-*Lelutka*,  Hair Fair, Magdallen in Lion, Mesh –

Lashes- *Maitreya*,  Mesh Lashes, VIP group gift –

Eyes-*Redgrave*, Edward in ResinGold –


Collar and Earrings-*Glow Studio*, Dindi Set –

Nails-*Levorocchi*, Nails in Gold Glitter –


Pose-*Adorkable Pose* Dramatic Leo 4 and Confident Leo 4, New! –

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Ocean ft. *Cold Logic*


Dress-*Cold logic*, London in plum group gift –

Shoes-*Baiastice*, Maxine Wedge in Gold Python –

Shape-*Noon*, London Shape –

Skin- *Atomic*, Grace in Buff-Sting Me,  The Dressing Room Blue, New! –

Eyes-*Redgrave*, Edward Mesh Eyes in Forks –

Hair-*Lelutka*, Versage  at the Hair Fair –

Lashes-*Amacia*, Eyelash Tattoo 2 –

Necklace and Earrings-*Crystal Line*, Spray Accessory Set, group gift –

Nails-*Pixel Mode*, French Manicure Nails –

Pose-*Focus Pocus*, Model 65_6 –

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Ocean ft. *Izzie* and *Sea Hole*


Pants-*Hucchi*,  Octavia mesh pants in Fallow at Collabor88

Top-*Hucchi*, Penelope Mesh Top in Toffee Cream at Collabor88

Shoes-*Hucchi*, Nia Mesh Pumpin Butterscotch at Collabor88 –



Skin-*Izzie*, Eliza Skin in Ebony, Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt 10L –  

Shape-*Dutch Touch*, Isis Shape –

Eyes-*Redgrave*, Edward Prim Eyes in ResinGold – 

Eyeliner-Filthy*, Serious Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in Bluegreen, New! –*Lelutka*, Rush in Walnut Whip, Group Gift –


Necklace and Earrings-*Earthstones*, Shells and Pearls, sold separately at Collabor88

Bracelets and rings-*Seahole*, Antique Moonstone Set in Wheat, at Collabor 88 – 

Nails-*Levorocchi*, Round Nails in Teal –

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Ocean and Allister ft. *.:SS:.*


Dress-*.:SS:.*,  Black Little Sequin Baggy Dress New! –*Maitreya*, Radical Boots in Suede Chamoisee –

Hair-*Pr!tty*, Live Free in warm caramel Hair Fair

Earring-*Pr!tty*, NativeAmerican Girl  Feather Earring, free gift at the Hair Fair –

Tattoo-*.:SS:.*, Girly Rock Tattoo –

Eyes-*.ID.*,Mirror eyes green –

Skin-*MyDear*,  Rosanne in tan New! –


Jeans-*.:SS:.*, Mens Mesh Jeans – Black –

Shirt-*:SEY*, Military Shirt, mesh –

Shoes-*Redgrave*,  Miles Sneakers, mesh,  in mesh –

Tattoo-*Gok*, Rock and Beer –

Tattoo-*LiQSum*, Unholy Faith Tribal Tattoo –

Lip Ring-*Caru Mari*, King, Earring and Piercing Set –

Necklace-*Sey*, Star and Skull –

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Ocean and *EMO-tions*


Dress-*EMO-tions*, Ayleen Dress NEW! –


Skin-*MyDear*, Roseanne in tan , NEW!-
Shape-*MyDear*, Roseanne shape NEW!

Hair-*EMO-tions*, Deidra Blonde NEW! –
Eyes-*.ID.*, Mirror Eyes in green –
Lashes -*Filthy*, Lashes 1  –


Earrings-*Alienbear*, Kriscar Earrings in White –
Pose set-*BENT*, Inspire shadow set, part of the Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt, 10L –


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Ocean Ft. * Collabor88* and *Hair Fair*


If you have not checked out the New Stuff at Collabor88, what are you waiting for?  They have many subdued shades of deliciousness with a hint of beach.  Also, I am a slave to hair, so I had to check out the Hair Fair 2012!  Like a kid in a candy store!  This event runs until July 29!


Pants-*Sea Hole*, Squid Row Jeans at Collabor88 –

Top- *Sea Hole*,  Sea Farers Cardi in wheat at Collabor88 –


Hair-* Pr!tty* , Ally Blondes/Pink Pack, comes in 3 versions at Hair Fair, Flower New!

Skin-*Mother Goose*, Joe III, Lucky Gift –

Shape- *Al Vulo*, Emy Shape –

Lashes-*Filthy*, SL2 Tattoo Lashes, Group Gift –

Nails-*Leverocchi*, Round Nails in Pink Nude Gradient –

Eyes- *Mayfly* , Light Liquid Eyes in Northern Dawn –

Feet-*Skifija*, Bare Feet in fair –


Necklace-*Yummy*, Sea Trinkets Necklace at Collabor88

Bracelets and Rings-*Sea Hole*,  Antique Moonstone Set, partial mesh at Collabor88

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